Observer Kit

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Collapse Briefing Meeting PPTsBriefing Meeting PPTs
1 Secy Gen DEC(US) PPT 02.03.2021 (1).pptx
10 shefali mam (R)PPT for observer meeting.pptx
2 Sec Gen Draft 2 - Observers Briefing - SVEEP (1).pdf
3 sudeep sir Kerala West Bengal Briefing to Observers 2021.pptx
4 sudeep sir ER - Observer Briefing- 5 States 2021.pptx
5 sudeep sir ICT - Observers Brief 2021.pptx
6 sudeep sir EVM Observer Briefing PPT-5 poll States 2021.pptx
7 Sr Dec Dharmendra Sharma sir PPT on Observer Briefing Corrected.pptx
8 DEC CBK.pptx
9 Dir ys and ps PPT ON EEM.pptx
Collapse EPSEPS
06.07.2020 Accommodation Transport _ othe logistic support to CAPF SAP during election..pdf
07.10.2020 Revised Guidelines of star Campaigners for elections held during the period of pandemic.pdf
08.02.2021 Deployment of Forces, Randomization _ optimization of Police personnel (1).pdf
09.10.2020 Permission for political gatherings - reg.pdf
14.09..2020 Payment of ex-gratia compensation..pdf
20.07.2020 Cashless treatment of COVID-19 cases and quarantine facilities for CAPF SAP deployed on election duty..pdf
21.08.2020 Broad Guidelines for Conduct of General Election_Bye election during COVID-19.pdf
22.07.2020 Payment of Ex-gratia compensation to the family of CAPF Polling personnel in the event of Death dute to COVID-19.pdf
22.07.2020 Treating BEL ECIL engineers as polling officials on election duty during all proceess of EVM VVPAT prparation..pdf
Collapse ERSERS
07.08.2020 Letter SSR 2021 (1).pdf
07.08.2020 Letter SSR 2021.pdf
14.02.2019 (Integration, carrying out corrections and printing - reg).pdf
25.07.2019_SSR, 2020_All States except 3.pdf
30.07.2020 (Prep. of Integrated Final Marked Copy of E.Rolls)_0001.pdf
Manual on Electoral Roll, 2016 - ( English ).pdf
Manual on Polling Stations, 2016 (English).pdf
Manual on Polling Stations, 2020.pdf
Collapse EVM instruction after August 2020EVM instruction after August 2020
18th January 2021 Removal of CU battery.pdf
18th January 2021 Sending of defective units found in bye election to factory.pdf
18th September 2020- Sticker for Identification of reserve EVMs-.pdf
22nd January, 2021 Disposal of expired theermal Paper Roll.pdf
23rd October, 2020- VCB clarification.pdf
25th September 2020 M3 EVMs Highlights.pdf
29th September, 2020 Use of EVMs _ VVPATs in bye election.pdf
9th October 2020 Opening of WH in exigencies.pdf
Instructions issued after publicaton of manual August 2020.docx
Compendium Expenditure Monitoring_Edited on 16022021.pdf
Collapse ICTICT
Compendium of ICT Applications.pdf
Consolidate ICT PPT.pdf
Collapse FlyersFlyers
._2-VOTER TUNOUT Flyer.pdf
2-VOTER TUNOUT Flyer.pdf
Final VoICE International Magazine for web.pdf
Voter Helpline App.pdf
Voter Helpline Importance.pdf
Collapse ICT VideosICT Videos
ECI website Launch.mp4
PwDs Mobile App- Launch .mp4
Voter helpline Mobile .mp4
Voter Helpline Result.mp4
Collapse ManualsManuals
Booth App Manual - Updated.pdf
c-VIGIL Manual.docx
Observer Portal - Help Manual.pdf
User Manual -Candidate Online Nomination (17jul20).pdf
Collapse EMSEMS
EMS - Election Petition.pdf
EMS - EMS physical verification.pdf
EMS - Manage Polling station.pdf
EMS - Order Generation.pdf
EMS -FLC.pdf
EMS User Manual.pdf
Collapse ITIT
Collapse MCCMCC
Manual of Model Code of Conduct.pdf
MCC Compendium 2018.pdf
Updated MCC Note.pdf
Collapse MediaMedia
Compendium of Instructions on Media Related Matters_2019.pdf
Compendium_of_Instructions_on_Media_Related_Matters 2020.pdf
Collapse Observer Hand BookObserver Hand Book
Observer Hand Book FEB 2021 ED 7 VOL 1.pdf
Observer Hand Book FEB 2021 ED 7 VOL 2.pdf
Observer Hand Book FEB 2021 ED 7 VOL 3.pdf
Collapse SDRSDR
02.02.2021, Revised Guidelines for voting through postal ballot by Absentee Voters in the category of Senior Citizens, PwDs.pdf
SVEEP MANUAL 19 Feb (1).docx